Reasons Why You Need an Attorney

No matter how careful or calculated we are, there are chances where we’ll face cases of crimes, frauds, compensation problems, bad faiths, and many more. In cases like this, you might be thinking whether you need a lawyer or not, and at the same time, you might be thinking whether a lawyer is worth the money or not, and trust us it’s worth every penny. In this article, we’re going to write off some reasons on why you’re going to need an attorney to face your case if you want to know what those reasons are, consider reading this article to understand more.


moneyLet’s say that someone owes you money, or you owe a compensation from someone. If by any chance you’re trying to make them pay, and yet they’re always running away or giving you some reasons, perhaps it is time for you to sue them, and you might want to do it with the help of a lawyer.
Failure of having a lawyer by your side might make you lose the case, causing you not to get the compensation that you need or even worse which you’re going to be the one getting sued back. If you have a case of bad faith, consider hiring from lender bad faith attorney.

Taking Care of Important Documents

ProfessionalWhen you get into an argument that involves with court and laws chances are you’re going to need some relevant documents. Important documents might consist of work license, evidence that is required, work certification, the company’s background and many more.
When you’re handling this by yourself, there’s a chance that you might forget some documents that you need for the case, but when you have a lawyer, it is their job to remind you all of the stuff that you need.

Tip: If you can’t understand English that well, consider hiring a lawyer that can understand your mother tongue and English as transcribing your documents will not be a hassle.

Understanding Confusing Terms

In a case when your argument is not persuasive or reasonable enough, there’s a chance you might lose your case. Worry no further though, as this is where a lawyer will come in handy as they understand those confusing law terms and can explain it to you thoroughly, make sure that you hire an experienced one though, or else you’re going to be in trouble. A note from us is to make sure you do some research as well, as you can’t depend on everything on your lawyer.…

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Benefits of a training partner

Weight loss journey is tough; many people start never to reach their destination. At times people around you who should have supported you turn into mockers. Temptations to old eating habits are no joke too. But with a training partner, the journey gets easy. Who is a training partner? They can be a friend, sibling, or a stranger you met at the gym, who are aiming to lose weight too. At times they might be better than you physically or weight wise or vice versa. My advice though is that you pick someone who is better than you. Below are some of the benefits of having a training partner.

Training partner


You will be now accountable to someone. You will not find reasons to miss the gym sessions because someone will give you a call demanding to know why. On messing up with diet, you will be answerable to your partner too. Some partners decide to charge a fee for misbehavior. No one will want to keep giving out cash for things they could have stayed away from. It is important that you stay true and honest to your training partner.


As mentioned earlier, it is better if you choose someone who is better than you body wise. This way you will have someone to look up to and say, I want a body like this one. You will strive to do more or reach where they are. This will be of great benefit for you because as you strain more, you will be losing more calories. Everyone starts the weight loss journey from a certain motivation, what you want to achieve plus the urge to look like someone you can see, means tremendous results.

More exercise ideas

Sometimes you might lack money to hire a trainer, meaning that you will be doing it all by yourself, probably with your partner. When alone, you might run out of ideas or keep using one exercise. Repeating the same thing for a long time makes the whole process boring. The body gets used to the same exercise too. You should, therefore, come up with different exercise after the previous one is perfected. With a training partner, it will be easy because everyone will research and come up with exercise ideas in turns. As a matter of principle, you should never go to the next exercise before perfecting the previous one. Do not, however, dwell on it for a whole month.…

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Situations when you can use personal loans

With a strong credit history, it is easy for you to apply for a personal loan and have it processed faster in times when you are financially down. Personal loans are all-purpose and can be given with or without security. A personal loan can be used for many reasons, most of the time you do not need to state the reasons to the lender. Interest rates depend on the credit score and tenure of the borrower. Payments can be spread for years or months as per the borrower’s requirements.

Below are situations when you might need to take a personal loan

Immediate need of cash

It makes sense to get a personal loan to take care of financial shortages in your life. Such money can be used in times of emergencies like funding a must go trip, medical bills or home repairs. The interest charged on loan is determined by the duration of payment and your income. All you need to have is a strong plan on how to repay the loan as fast as possible. Note that repayments improves your credit score and raises the chances of getting a similar loan in the future.

Bad credit situation

You must at all times avoid cases of bad credit. Let’s take for instance if you lost your job or experienced a sudden rise in other personal expenses; a personal loan can be used to take care of expenses at that moment. You better get a personal loan rather than skipping a loan payment. The point here is, do not let your credit score fall because of temporary money shortage.

Funding for students

It is not always easy for students to take care of their daily expenses. They are required to take care of expenses and needs not catered for by the student loan. Good news is that you can apply for short-term student loans. Such loans can as well be used as a way of building your credit history.

Funding a business

Capital is needed to start a business. You need a constant inflow for some time before the business stabilizes. A good relationship with business associates and suppliers is essential for you as a small business. A personal loan can be of great help to maintain the flexibility of your business. Repayment of loans grows your credit score and limit such that you can apply for more in future to boost your business.


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566 Johnson Ave


March 15th, 2012

The Active Space presents its first documentary screening by Ine Poppe and Sam Nemeth entitled “THEM F*CKIN’ ROBOTS” in
cooperation with Eyebeam Art and Technology Center on March 23, 2012 7-10PM.

“THEM F*CKIN’ ROBOTS” is a documentary about Norman White, one of the most influential media artists in his field. He produced humorous and beautiful work, but also trained hundreds of artists at the Ontario College of Art and Design to make their own, hands-on media art from 1976 onwards. This is on of the reasons a vast number of acclaimed media artists come from Canada. However, media-art does not cover the realm of White’s work: he produced a large oeuvre, from paintings to light murals to interactive robotics. Ine Poppe and Sam Nemeth filmed White and his students: they visited him in his huge watermill in Ontario and followed him and his students at work.
It took Poppe and Nemeth 5 years to finish Them F*ckin’ Robots. This had several reasons: it was hard to obtain material of the early works of White (video was still a ‘new’ medium) but moreover was it hard to fund a film about media art. In the contemporary cultural climate in the Netherlands no art- or film fund dared to take the risk of financing a documentary about media art, also because the film is about a ‘foreign’ artist. This reflects thematically in the film. The question wheather or not media art has a place in the mainstream art world is adressed as well as why it took Norman White such a long time -he started in the 1960-ies with electronic art- to get recognition. The film contains material from the 70-ies, 80-ies, 90-ies, 00-ies and original footage of the of the White family shot in the 40-ies,50-ies and 60-ies.

The screening of “THEM F*CKIN’ ROBOTS” takes place March 23, 2012, from 7-10 PM. Email

March 23, 2012
The Active Space
566 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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Directors Biography

Ine Poppe

Ine Poppe (1960, Amsterdam) is a documentary maker and writer. She publishes about digital culture, technology, art and science, mainly for the national newspaper NRC-Handelsblad. She lectures at the Audio Visual department of the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.

Poppe made several documentaries for Dutch National television. ‘Hippies from Hell’, about Dutch Hackers, was shown in Europe and America at festivals, musea and universities. It was the first online Dutch documentary, licensed together with Lawrence Lessig under Creative Commons.

Poppe wrote scripts for several computer games.
In 2002 she was winner of the Geneva-Europe Grand Prize for TV-scripts, with Necrocam, a film about a webcam inside a coffin.

Sam Nemeth

Sam Nemeth (1962, Rotterdam) lives in Amsterdam. He studied Film and Television at University of Amsterdam. He worked as a video maker for video collective Staats-TV Rabotnik, for the educational department of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Dutch national tv. He was editor of the Dutch AV magazine Skrien. Sam held several functions at medialab Waag Society in Amsterdam and specializes in arts and technology and game development.
Aside from this he works as a free-lance documentary maker and writing journalist.
Sam Nemeth is currently lecturer/coach at The University of Eindhoven.

Document Credits

Screenplay : Ine …

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