Burn an AVI file into a DVD

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the AVI files. Before contemplating burning the AVI to DVD, explore your existing options. When trying to play the file on the TV, there is a wide range of options at your disposal. If the need to burn the video file persists, burn it into DVD and avoid the alternatives provided you understand such specifics. At the start, you have an AVI file that you love to watch. This is not just any regular computer. Burning the AVI file to DVD format remains the most conventional way to approach the situation. This remains one of the hardest ways of getting your video files on TV. The simple alternative is live streaming.



Streaming AVI Files on TV

Provided your television is properly set, you can play the video file. Ensure your PC is linked to the same internet connection as the streaming device or television. Secondly, you might need another app to stream from the PC. A recommended alternative is Plex.

Third-party apps such as Plex ease streaming content to your TV or PC. Latitude has a wide range of features and is highly recommended. All it takes is a simple download and installation of the software. After you run the software on your PC synchronize it to the streaming device. Looking at its features reveals its compatibility with practically anything whether Xbox One, PS4 or Chromecast, among others. Proceed to the streaming device app store and search for Plex. When fully set up, add your AVI file to the Plex library in your PC. On adding the movie, it will display on your Plex app. You will then select play.


Playing an AVI from Flash Drives

If you cannot get your hands on a Plex-compatible streaming device, there are other options available. Provided you have a flash drive. You can play the AVI file on its own. Many TVs run AVI files. Provided you have an HDTV manufactured within the past decade, it should have a USB port at the rear.


Burn the AVI file to DVD

Now that we have discussed all alternative methods let’s explore the burning option. Begin by having some blank discs. Then convert the video file to a format compatible with DVD. The recommended platform solution is the iSkySoft DVD creator. Begin by downloading the software and installing on your computer. After which, open and click on create a new project. Select the AVI files you want to import and double check the files by clicking on the bottom green icon. Ensure your TV standard is best suited for this particular region. The process will take a considerable amount of time given the duration taken when converting and burning your videos simultaneously.



In Conclusion

All that remains is to grab a cup of coffee as you wait for the burning process to end. Avoid interfering with the process and let your PC complete the task unhindered. Any interference will damage the disc and force you to start the process all over again.