Most people suffer debts at some point in life; a few privileged ones do not. Debts run from borrowing a huge amount to buy a house to a credit bill. Many people have learned to put up and live with debts. Below are the most common types of debts

Types of debts


Business debts accumulate as one tries to grow their business, reach new markets or buying new stock. This situation mostly arises when business people see it necessary to get a loan to raise the needed capital. Having to take care of loans, credit cards and overheads it is very easy for business people to fall in debt. Challenging economic times makes the situation worse. As soon as you realize that you are having debt difficulties in your business, handle it immediately. Give outstanding payments a priority as you seek financial advice from professionals or try other options.

Home loan

Many people borrow money to buy a home. A safe house will be worth several hundred thousand dollars. A home loan turns out to be the greatest financial responsibility and runs for many years. As you apply for a home loan, always consider the interest rates to be charged. You must be financially disciplined when applying for a home loan. You can apply some steps to help you take care of such a loan, for example, you can get rates from other sources and try making extra payments from time to time to reduce the payment period. The longer you pay the loan, the higher the interest rates.

Credit card

This is what credit card does; it gives you the authority to use money you do not have. It gives instant gratification. People using credit cards spend without thinking about future consequences. If you will not be in a position to repay the money before the start charging interest rates, the debt starts to grow big. Credit cards are convenient, but they have very high interest rates something many people do not bother to check. Can you imagine some charge up to 20% interest rates? If credit card debts accumulate in several cards, the chances of having the debt completely out of control are very high. As much as many people are living in debts, it is not a sweet cup to drink. Live within your means and borrow only when necessary to avoid avoidable debts.