Noise pollution is a major concern for all homeowners’ today. Irrespective of where you live, noise must follow you. There is no easy escape to playing children, hooting vehicles, pressure cook noise and many other sources of noise. A peaceful and quiet environment is good for the mind. This article will suggest some ways to control unnecessary noise. Read on.

Choose the right items for your house

Curtain fabrics and window panels affect the rate of noise entering or leaving your home. For example, using soundproof curtains helps a lot in reducing noise pollution. They are available in different textures and styles, but they are more expensive than ordinary curtains. Cost should be the least of your worries when you cannot sleep due to noise. You can as well decide to choose sound absorbing ceilings. Double glazed window panels work amazingly on reducing noise as well.


Insulating the walls of the bathroom, bedroom and guest rooms could reduce noise pollution. In addition to that, you can add a layer of drywall for better insulation. If you have the financial muscle, acoustical walls are more effective than standard dry walls.

Solid Core Doors

A solid core door reduces noise to great extents. Regular doors minimize noise from entering the house but do not effectively. Solid core doors can reduce and eliminate a great part of the noise. The thicker the doors, the higher the chances of eliminating all noise. It might cost you a lot, but the noise will never be an issue for you again.

Buy Quiet Appliances

Washing machines and other home appliances are main sources of noise. Communicating with the person next room is difficult when the machines are in use. This tells you how loud these machines are. If you want to reduce noise, purchase appliances with low ratings. They might not be completely quiet, but they will reduce noise considerably.

Tight Floors

Squeaky floors produce irritating noise. When installing your floor, make sure that it is made tight. It all depends on the materials used and the flooring company used. Make the right choice, and you will not have to worry about noisy floors.

Shoes off Policy

Shoes contribute to noise in the house. This is, however, an easily solvable problem. It should be made a rule that everyone leaves their shoes outside the house. Leaving your shoes outside does not only reduce noise but helps you maintain a clean house.

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