Fall Exhibitions: October 28th

All Your Art Are Belong to Us

The Active Space presents a survey on technology’s influence in art with the exhibition “All Your Art Are Belong to Us”. This group exhibition will include various levels of technology being applied artistically to a variety of mediums. In a world where everything is being digitized, art is just the next of many things. Although not completely apparent in all finished products this exhibition will allow the viewer a window into the tools that an artist uses to aid in their creative process. The exhibition will involve the Bushwick community of creative thinkers by including a short survey of how each artist is influenced by technology and their opinions on the future relationship of technology and art. Featured artists include Brian Maller, Jonathan Chapline, Wilfredo Ortega, Fernando Pacheco, Louisa Marie Summer, Sarah Young, and Justin Richards.

Don’t miss our outdoor installation/photo op “The Rainbow Machine” by Reid Bingham and Sean McIntyre.

Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era?

Examining the dialog between opposites, Evan Chamberlain’s installation of small and medium sized works Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era? is a collection of works that looks at our tendencies to see and interpret the world through equal opposites. Drawing inspiration from bilateral symmetry of the body, mind, political ideologies, palindromes, simple mathematics and observations of light, to ask how important the organization of right and left ratios are in human life and art. Aesthetic and formal qualities of the world around us have an undeniable ability to rely on dualistic orders. Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era ask how deeply have these understanding affected us and how much control do we have over how they dictate meaning in our lives? Comprised entirely of new works from the artist spanning the last 12 months and taking aim at what the insights and consequences of bifurcation can be.

Is Between

Is Between examines the relationships in the work of artists Liz Ainslie and Sarah McDougald Kohn. Ainslie’s painted objects are ambiguous shapes that move in and out of contexts; in their form and volume the shapes hint at, but are not quite, familiar. McDougald Kohn’s sculptures examine our relationship with everyday objects, and the ways we determine and understand the utility of an object. Each artist creates work on a still-life scale that allows a viewer to relate the shapes and sculptures to familiar household objects. However, although the viewer may naturally relate all of the works to figurative and familiar contexts, the work is ultimately abstract. Is Between allows viewers to consider the shifting perceptions of the forms rendered, as well as the dialog between the two artists’ work.

Word Problem

The Active Space is pleased to present works by Michael Aitken, Ted Gahl, Alex Markwith, Stephanie Rudig, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Meghan Sha- piro, Lauren Smith, Allie Surdovel and Hans Tursack in the exhibition “Word Problem.”The artists works revolve around different word problems they have faced, whether mathematical, logical, or ethical. By considering the vocabulary they use in their own individual work, they in turn create their own “word problems”, limits, and solutions.