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Key Differences between RDA and Tanks

Once you transition from a beginner to an experienced vaper, you begin to open up to new possibilities. Different equipment by various sellers becomes essential features in your experience. You might see yourself as very fussy when choosing the preferred vape method. You need to be up to date with your practices to ensure that you are not missing out on new flavors, instruments, and designs for vaping. For instance, many pro vapers now go for tanks instead of RDAs. Here are the differences between the two worth considering as you make your choice.



The Refundable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

The RDA is similar to the tank in the delivery of the vape. The difference is the existence of the tank to reserve the e-liquid. The RDA lets you build coils to lower resistance to allow more current to pass from the batteries to the atomizer. You end up with a vaping experience at high wattage. The arrangement leads to massive clouds from the burned juice, and this can create a rewarding feeling for some people. The RDA also allows you to switch juices as soon as the wick is dry.


The Tank

It does not require any dripping, and it will last you a day or more depending on the size of the tank. You can, therefore, use the tank feature when you are spending time away from the house. Filing the tank with a specific e-juice give you no other option of trying other flavors. You have to exhaust the filled tank before you can try something else. The benefit of the tank is that it is a low maintenance vaping option. You only care about refilling it when it is empty.


The Limitations of Tanks and RDAs

The shapes and sizes of the RDAs allow most people to try them and get varied experiences. Hence, most people might be talking about RDA pros and cons without realizing that the exact design and size was the difference between what the other person is describing. The design also makes it cumbersome to use for long, and that explains why most people will go with a tank. Meanwhile, the tank has a coil that you will not change when using. You have to find the tank with the right coil for you, and that makes a choice tough when you are not sure of what to look for in a coil. Tanks also need coil replacements after a while, and this may cost you extra money.



The Benefit of Tanks and RDAs

The RDA lets you customize your experience-based on the design of the RDA. You can choose your device according to the airflow, the size of its well, and the coil type. The RDA will support any coil, and you can have many of them to keep trying until you find the best ones. Tanks, on the other hand, are excellent for people who no longer want their vaping experience to be full of tinkering. If you already know your preferred coil, then choosing your tank will be easy.…

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